can not open the application in mac ?!

Created at: 2021-03-05 00:02:17
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Answer #1:

By: Dr. Major Renner MD

Answer #2:

By: Mr. Robin Hickle I

Safe Boot, (holding Shift key down at startup), does the problem occur in Safe Mode? Could take 10 minutes.

Safe mode attempts to repair Disks & clears lots of caches & loads safe Drivers, & prevents loading of 3rd party extensions, so if Safe Mode works try again in regular boot.

What Os are you running?

Answer #3:

By: Raina Rau

thanks, but I still have the same problem I can not open the application

Answer #4:

By: Mr. Oren Stroman

What OS are you running?

Look in Application folder for Mail App, try launching it there.

Do a Get info on your Home folder, unlock the lock in the Get Info panel. Make sure it says you have Read & Write privileges.

Using the tiny gear icon, use the drop down to "Apply to enclosed items...