Hi i buy a second hand ipad and the owner is not in this country anymore? I reset and log out the icloud but activation lock is there

Created at: 2021-03-11 20:01:29
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Answer #1:

By: Ms. Savannah Moore Jr.

Answer #2:

By: Dr. Alysson Bergstrom PhD

If you cannot contact the previous owner of this iPad, to clear the lock, then you own a paperweight, now.

That iPad is a dead, useless device to you, now.

You will never get this iPad to ever work for you, now.


Please recycle this device responsibly.

Answer #3:

By: Dameon D'Amore DVM

There is no other way?

Answer #4:

By: Keyon Wintheiser



It is never going to happen.

That device is locked until it can be unlocked by its previous owner.

User Activation Lock is a personal data protection, anti-theft feature of iOS/iPadOS that cannot be worked around without the aide of information from a locked iPad's original/previous owner.

No one here can help you. Apple WILL NOT help you.

You own a completely useless device.


Answer #5:

By: Mrs. Elizabeth Osinski

Ok thank you

Answer #6:

By: Hermina Rath

Here are the Apple support pages that outline the Activation Lock - and the only mechanisms by which it can be turned off:

Activation Lock for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support

Turn off Activation Lock – Apple Support

As you will discover, unless you are the owner of the AppleID that was last used to activate the device, or unless you can secure the cooperation of the previous owner, you’ll not be able to defeat or bypass the Activation Lock. Without documentary evidence that you are the original owner (such as sales receipt showing the serial number), Apple won’t assist - and nobody here will be able to help you.

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