mail notifications not working

Created at: 2021-03-23 15:31:07
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iPhone X iOS 14.3, I’m not getting any mail notifications banners or sounds.

Answer #1:

By: Meagan Farrell Jr.

iPhone X iOS 14.3, I’m not getting any mail notifications banners or sounds.

Answer #2:

By: Edna Ebert

Hello Ian Smith4,

We understand that you're not receiving notifications for the Mail app, and we'd like to help.

Just to confirm, is the issue only occurring with Mail notifications? In other words, are notifications working as expected for other apps?

If the issue is only occurring with notifications for Mail, the "If you don't see notifications for a specific app" part of this page may be helpful: Use notifications on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

If that doesn't help, please let us know what type of email account you're using with the Mail app, as that may help narrow things down a bit more.


Answer #3:

By: Dr. Callie Davis

Only iOS mail app has this problem. For info I am using @btinternet email.

Answer #4:

By: Rhiannon Zieme

Update this am I am receiving notification banners but no sound or vibration for mail. My iPad Pro is displaying the same behaviour. My spouse has an iPhone 7 on iOS 14.3 and her BT email notifications are all working correctly.

I keep an old iPhone 4 as a spare phone and last night for a chuckle I checked email on it and all sounds, vibration, and notifications worked correctly.

Answer #5:

By: Mr. Noah Boyer PhD

Ian Smith4,

Thanks so much for updating us on the situation.

Since it sounds like banner notifications are appearing for Mail, but there's no sound with those notifications, can you let us know if you were able to review the notification settings for the Mail app, using the information in the article we provided in our initial reply?

If you did have a chance to review the notification settings for the Mail app, can you let us know if "Sounds" is enabled for Mail notifications? The "Change alert styles" part of the link we previously provided outlines those steps.

If the notifications are enabled correctly, we have a few additional things we'd like to check and try to help isolate the issue further.

  1. Please make sure all available app updates have been installed: Update apps or use automatic downloads
  2. Is Do Not Disturb enabled on your device? If so, does the issue continue to happen when the Do Not Disturb feature is turned off? Use Do Not Disturb on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  3. Are the Date & Time settings set correctly on your device? If so, is the "Set Automatically" setting enabled? This page explains how to view those settings: Set the date and time on iPhone

Are you using a VPN connection? If you are, does the issue continue when your device isn't connected to a VPN? VPN settings overview for Apple devices

Thank you!

Answer #6:

By: Kadin Bechtelar

Reviewed the notifications settings many, many times and everything is set correctly

All app updates are installed.

Do not disturb is off.

Time and date are set correctly

Not using a VPN.

Answer #7:

By: Jonatan Kuhlman

Ian Smith4,

We appreciate you taking the time to answer those questions for us.

From here, we'd like to get you in touch with Apple Support for further assistance. Please contact Apple Support here:

Get Support

Have a nice day!

Answer #8:

By: Miss Meaghan Heller DDS

Been down the get support route already I got as far a sending screenshots of my “correct” settings. For info this morning no notifications, banners or sounds, for email or iMessage.

I’m following this - I think with a 66 page thread there seems to be an issue.

iphone 4 all notifications are booming in loud and clear😄