My right AirPod will not work

Created at: 2021-05-18 07:06:51
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my right AirPod will not work

Answer #1:

By: Nettie Bartoletti

my right AirPod will not work

Answer #2:

By: Irving Jacobson

Hi Tsk1980,

We appreciate you reaching out to us about your AirPods. Rest assured that we'll do our best to assist you or get you pointed in the right direction.

We understand that you are experiencing issues with the right AirPod. Resetting your AirPods may help.

Reset your AirPods

Also, have you had the chance to check if your right AirPod is charging correctly?

Charge your AirPods and learn about battery life

If you need further assistance, we recommend that you reach out to us here so we can take a closer look into the issue: Get Support

Take care!