Trying to reset phone, uploading items to iCloud preventing this

Created at: 2021-05-05 09:49:37
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I am trying to 'erase all content and settings' from an iPhone 7. I selected this in the reset section of the settings. I was then informed that it had not completed uploading items to iCloud so I set it to reset after this completed, however it has not moved from 60%. I cannot seem to do anything as the only option to select is 'skip upload' and I am concerned that I will lose all the content that hasn't been uploaded yet if I select this.

How do i get this to complete uploading to iCloud or at least safely change screens?

Answer #1:

By: Garland Howe

Is the device plugged in to power and connected to WiFi?

Answer #2:

By: Lexie Berge V

yes to both

Answer #3:

By: Ruthe Haley

Have you tried restarting or a forced restart?

Answer #4:

By: Lily Flatley

I was able to change screens by opening a notification to launch another app. Should be able to deal with the iCloud issue now.