Why will my Macbook Air only use a static IP?

Created at: 2021-03-10 11:45:41
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I have a 2020 Intel Air that will not allow itself to be assigned an IP by my router via DHCP; not only that but it's always the same static IP? I can set a different address manually which it will stick to, but won't get assigned various IPs over time (like is the case for say my iPhone) via DHCP?

Things I've tried:

  • Forgetting my network and re-joining
  • Hard resetting my router and setting it up from scratch
  • Renewing DHCP lease

I've even tried going into my router settings and un-toggling the 'always use this IP address' option, but it won't allow my to move the toggle.

Any thoughts?


Answer #1:

By: Jermey Ankunding

It would appear the issue is within the Router and not really the Apple Computer. Have you reached out to the Manufacturer of the Router or the ISP providing such equipment ?

Answer #2:

By: Dr. Jeffrey Feest

No I've not, I assumed that because DHCP was working on everything but my mac it would be an issue with the machine? My ISP is BT and the router is a Smart Hub 2, I'll reach out to them for sure.

Answer #3:

By: Mrs. Kitty Weissnat IV

According to UK Express Report Dated May 10, 2021 - there are many issues with this specific Router under discussion. Directly related to WIFI connections from certain devices. BT supposedly has confirmed the issue is with their Router. Just Google Search BT Smart Hub 2 and see the article.

Answer #4:

By: Scottie Hodkiewicz PhD

Thank you, hadn't thought to check if it was router specific but it does seem very possible from the reports

Answer #5:

By: Brianne Keeling PhD

Welcome and Thank you too :-))

Hopefully, BT will get some type of Firmware or Software pushed to fix their issue - soon.